Assignment & Essay Formatting
  1. Use these general guidelines for ALL assignments.  However, each assignment may have specific requirements that you will need to keep in mind.  Be sure to follow these guidelines and any additional requirements stated in class
  2. Type all assignments - use Times New Roman font, 12pt (in Word).  If you use Google Docs or another word processing program, check the font size against the font size in Word
  3. For double-spaced assignments--no extra spaces between paragraphs.  Indent them.  For single-spaced assignments--block paragraphs and add space between paragraphs to mark them.  Most, if not all, assignments will be double spaced
  4. Use one-inch margins
  5. Include a title and use page numbers if more than one page
  6. One page=one side of a piece of paper
  7. Each assignment/essay will have a specific length requirement
  8. Print on the front and back of a page if possible to save paper
  9. Paper clip multiple pages rather than stapling (unless otherwise noted)
  10. No title page is necessary