English 385 - Major Authors:Charles Dickens &  J.K. Rowling Course Grade Sheet

David Copperfield


HPSS & Quidditch

Game Playing in HPSS & HPGF

Oprah Interview (in Scotland)

We watched part of this in class.  Interesting discussion about Rowling's life, ending the Harry Potter series, and the function of magic.


Launched in 2012, this website offers oodles of info about the Harry Potter novels, e.g., characters, places, objects.  And find out what house you belong in!

Pottermore | MuggleNet

Pottermore is a companion to the Harry Potter books. One of the main features is the exclusive new content from Rowling on the backgrounds of various characters and aspects of the wizarding world.

J K Rowling Official Website

Helpful and informative biographical timeline.

Harry Potter Cast - Then and Now (from Entertainment Weekly, 2011 print issue)

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