Engl 385 Notes for Select Holmes Stories

"The Copper Beaches"

1. Consider the ending of the story--Watson's comment.  Could Miss Violet be a romantic match for Holmes?  See pages 252, 254, 257, 264, 266 267, and 269 as you assess her character and the implication of Watson's comment.

2. Consider Holmes's comments about crime in Victorian society: pages 259-60.  Also, his observation about human psychology, page 270.

3. What about the opening comments about the relationship between life and fiction?  Are both the basis of art?  What is the substance of Holmes and Watson's conversation?  Also see pages 105, 68, 80, 45, 27.

4. Can we do anything with the title?  Is it significant?

5. What about the focus on hair in this story? 

The hound is an interesting addition--"The Hound of the Baskervilles"?  As you have already noticed, this story also focuses on marriage and a father/daughter relationship.