Keats's Eve of Saint Agnes

Narrative or plot line of the poem. (My arbitrary divisions) Consider the medieval setting, references/conventions

Themes: dreaming and reality/past (Medievalism) and present/nature of love (spiritual, physical)

Stzs 1-4: Beadsman (consider the setting/oppositions - e.g., noise & quiet/ball/Beadsman's role)
Stzs 5-8: Madeline (see opening footnote)
Stzs 9-21: Porphyro (stzs 10/12 - Romeo and Juliet themes/relationship with Angela/the plan - stz 16)
Stzs 22-26: Angela flees and Porphyro hides in Madeline's room (description of the room/stz 26 - Porphyro watches)
Stzs 27-29: Porphyro leaves his hiding place (closet) (He watches her "sleeping"/Madeline - see footnote 3 on pg 894)
Stzs 30-35: Porphyro sets up "delicates"/states of waking and dreaming (making the dream "real")
Stzs 36-41: Storm outside/Madeline and Porphyro flee past asleep revelers (fairy tale/Gothic references)
Stz 42: Madeline and Porphyro story is in the past/poem as a dream? (Baron's dream?)/Deaths of Angela and Beadsman