draft for class Peer Review

For our draft day, you will need to complete the following and bring it to class.  You will participate in a peer review exercise, and we will look at a draft as a class.  If you do not have the required draft and works cited page, you will lose points for this in-class assignment.

1. Minimum six-page draft (typed) with a works cited page (minimum five sources).  The works cited page does not count as a page. Your draft should also include sources you are using--they should be integrated into your draft.

Be sure to use the handouts I gave you - outline/integrated sources.  Note: the outline I gave you really does not have a proper introduction.  It begins with a thesis and then moves to roman numerial I - the body of the essay.  I put the thesis there to remind you it should be part of the introduction.  What it should look like:  Add a proper introduction with the thesis and then begin the body (in this case, roman numerial I would become II.)

2. Your outline from 4/19 - although you have added to/revised your outline as you have been drafting.

Be sure to see the Course Research Essay page (Course Notes) for info about writing your essay. Use the formatting guidelines for the final essay for your draft.