Group exploration assignment

As an initial communication with your partner, you should discuss responses to the questions below.  Doing this will also help you and your partner understand each other as well as communicate and operate effectively throughout the semester.  On the cards you submitted, the number one problem with group work mentioned was a group member (or members) not showing up for meetings and not completing tasks, sticking one person with most of the work.


1. What are your goals for the group essay?  Are you an overachiever? Underachiever? Explain.
How do you work?  Your habits? Patterns?  Adjustments for a group project?

2. What are your concerns or fears about group projects? Explain.

3. What are your limitations this semester for working on a group project (e.g., class load, job, personal issues--you don't have to share private info. or details)? Be clear and honest.

4. How should your group handle concerns or conflicts (e.g., one of you isn't pulling his or her weight, one of you is working hard but still producing low-quality work, or you don't push each other to come up with the best ideas/approaches)?  Explain specific strategies that can be used.