Final Exam Study Guide - English 106 

The purpose of this study guide is not to indicate exactly what will be on the exam. The ideas below (many of which we've discussed in class) are intended to help you think about and organize the works we've read and studied this semester.  Use these study guide ideas with 1.) your class discussion notes and own reading notes/ideas to think about the short stories/novella we have read along with 2.) your review/rereading of the literature itself.  Don't forget the biographical entries (back of Fiction 100), the Short Story Handbook (back of Fiction 100), and the study questions at the end of each story that give you helpful ideas.  And be sure to review the Course Notes.

Your midterm:  Study your responses using my comments.  Review your quizzes too.  Consider the midterm/quiz examples you heard/we discussed in class.

Videos: Armenian Genocide (your reading notes/class discussion notes) & the clips from the movie adaptation of TIDM we viewed in class.

Write out practice responses to previous quiz questions as well as questions you make up. For the essay, beginning your response with a clear thesis statement is key.
As you review your notes, revise and clarify them.  Review the in-class cards.  Make your review and studying an active process.  Review the stories as you review your notes.  Review the Course Themes (see Course Notes) as you consider these ideas below.

**Although the final exam will cover material we've read after the midterm (see the syllabus: starting with "The Cask of Amontillado"), there are also four carry-over works from the first half of class on the final exam: "A Rose for Emily," "Saboteur," "Two Questions," and TIDM.

Possible question types:

  1. *Identifications: You will identify an unidentified passage (give the title of the story) and explain its significance. (I will not give you short, obscure passages.)*
  2. *Multiple choice, fill in the blank, or matching*
  3. *Short Answer  Think of individual works as well as connections among works.
  4. ***NEW***Longer essay question (1 pg) focusing on a single work or on comparing/contrasting works. You will have some choices. 

*Like quiz/midterm questions. Also, you will have some choices.

Time for final exam: 2 hrs (Exam length: about 1 1/2 hrs for thinking, writing, and revising/editing)


**Notes coming