Dr. Robert Sirabian
Fys 101: education plan

For this final assignment, you will write a short, reflective piece focusing on your educational plan. 

1. Indicate your major and list the courses you will take Spring 17 and courses you plan to take
Fall 17.  Your Spring courses should be set already.  For Fall courses, look at your requirements and perhaps speculate a bit about what you think you need to/should take.  Also, briefly indicate what dictated your choices--requirements, interest in certain course, balance of schedule, credit load, etc.

2. For the rest of the assignment, include the following.  You decide how much to say about each area based on what is important and relevant to you.  However, do not be too brief or vague.

A.) Extracurricular activities you are involved in/will participate in [e.g., clubs, sports (or if you are on a UWSP sporting team), other activities or interests]; B.) Actions and activities you have completed or plan to complete to find or confirm your choice of a major and career (e.g., research, visit to Career Services, searching their website, summer internships, etc.); and C.) what you think of your university life after completing one semester.  Connections to Harry Potter and/or David Copperfield? :)  Will you be the hero of your life?  The importance of the choices you make?

Organization/Formatting: 12pt., (If you use Google docs, you may need to use a 14pt font that is equivalent to a 12pt font in Word.), TNR, single space, one-inch margins, paragraphs - indented like a normal essay.  No need for headings.  Suggested length: 1 page. If you go over one page, use the back of the page or attach a second page--paper clip or staple.  Do not write your name in pencil or pen on your final document - type it like the rest of the assignment.

Finally, edit and proofread carefully.