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Popular Literature (Sports) 289
Fall 2007
MWF 11:00-11:50

Reading/Writing Schedule

Dr. Sirabian
Office: 425 Collins Classroom Center
Office Phone: 346-4333

Office Hours: M 2:30-3:30; T 11-12:30; W 2:30-3:30; TH 9-10

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Assignments may be modified as necessary.  Weekly assignments are not all listed here; they will be given in class/by email.  It will be useful to read the biographical introductions for each author we study. 

Readings will be assigned from our textbook and passed out (handouts).  Handouts are marked on the syllabus; all other readings are from our textbook.
 SL=Sports in Literature

Meeting Days


Meeting Days


Sept.    05 Introduction            Oct.  31  "Teeth" (Handout); "In the Pocket" (SL)
             07 Reading/Writing about Literature           Nov.  02 "Teeth"; "Surfers at Santa Cruz"(Handouts)
             10  Reading/Writing about Literature//Website--"The Most Dangerous Game"

We will continue to discuss the story
on the 12th and 14th.

Assign Due
                    05 Friday Night Lights--NBC TV Series
             12 Philosophy of Play--"The Nature and Significance of Play" (Handout)                     07 Friday Night Lights--NBC TV

"The Basketball Game" (Handout); From Rabbit, Run (SL)
             14 "The Structure and Classification of Games" (Handout)                     09 Sports Journalism:
"Johnson is Everywhere . . . "; "Great Day for Baseball . . ."
             17 Current Issues in Sports                     12 Quiz
"The Unnatural Natural" (Handout--Originally scheduled on 11/2.  See notes on website--under "Course Notes" link)
             19 Current Issues in Sports

The Moment and Glory of Sports
"Eight-Oared Crew"
                    14 "The Unnatural Natural"
Race and Sport
"Baseball's Great Experiment . . ." (SL)/"From Boys of Summer (Handout)
             21 Quiz
"The Four-Minute Mile"; "The Sprinters"
                    16 "Baseball's Great Experiment . . ." (SL)/"From Boys of Summer (Handout)/
Major Taylor (Handout)
             24 "The Sprinters"

Jump Shot"; "400-Meter Freestyle"; "In the Swim"
                    19 Assignment Due
"Champion of the World" (Handout)/
"Stop the Fight!" (SL)
             26 From Bang the Drum Slowly (Handout);"Pitcher" "                     21 Reading Day
             28 "Driving Lessons " (Handout);
"Instruction in the Art ('Taking a Boy Fishing')"
                    23 Thanksgiving Break
   Oct    01 2. Current Issues in Sports                     26 3. Current Issues in Sports
             03 Seabiscuit (Book)                     28

Sport and Gender
"She's Here. She's Queer. She's Fired" (Handout)

             05 Quiz
                     29 "The 7-10 Split"
             08 Seabiscuit (Presentations)              Dec. 03

In These Girls . . .

             10 Seabiscuit (Presentations)                     05 Quiz
In These Girls . . .
             12 Reading Day                     07 In These Girls . . .
             15 Reading Day                     10 In These Girls . . .
             17 Seabiscuit (Movie)                     12 4. Current Issues in Sports
             19 Seabiscuit (Movie)/ Take-home Quiz                     14 Review for Final Examination
             22 Seabiscuit (Movie)/Take-home quiz due at the beginning of the period                     Examination (Please, No early or makeup exams): Thursday, December 20th, 2:45-4:45, in our classroom

Office hours: Monday (17th) 1-2; Tuesday (18th) 10-11; Wed. (19th) 3-4
             24 Seabiscuit--Discussion
"My Old Man" (Handout)
             26 Midterm--Please, No Early Exams
             29 Sports and Life
"Eighty-Yard Run" (Handout)


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